Tenting vs Non-Tenting Termite Treatment


Preparing your property for termite fumigation requires some preparation and planning to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. It can take three days or sometimes longer to complete a full termite fumigation of a building, depending on the size of the property and the extent of the infestation. Termite tenting can’t be completed if the weather is raining or windy. Before scheduling tenting, make sure the weather will be fine for the next few days.

A professional pest control company will cover the entire house with large vinyl-coated tarps. The fumigation will take approximately 1 day, and for the air condition to return to a safe level will take at least 2 days beyond this.


Preparing Your Home for Tenting

For termite tenting of your home, you’ll need to plan to keep everyone away from the property for at least several days. The products used in fumigation can be extremely harmful to humans, animals and also to plants. While this is certainly and inconvenience, a full fumigation is the best way to rid your property of a termite infestation. Any food or medicines (including pet food) will have to be sealed in air-tight containers or sealed in specially designed plastic bags (ordinary zip-seal plastic bags should not be used). Also, all mattresses will need to be sealed in protected plastic bags, and any house plants will need to be removed from the premises.

Specially prepared gas will be released throughout the property and will take approximately 6 hours to disperse throughout the building.


What are the best product to use without tenting?

There are many termite removal products available online and in DIY retail stores and supermarkets. These products have varying degrees of success. Termite fumigation by a professional pest removal company gives the best chance of success. Fumigation requires specialized training and the use of commercial pesticides, so make sure you contact a reliable pest removal firm to handle this difficult job.